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Monday, June 21, 2004


Sky Angel: Where did everybody go? Let's get the talk back. What's on everyone's mind? What type of woman would make Harold a good wife?

Marsha: I would make Harold a good wife. I would love him unconditionally. I would love him, hug him and squeeze him. I would serve him good food 3 times a day. I would clean his toenails with my teeth. I would wash his back with my tongue. I would cut out my own heart if he needed one. or than again maybe not.

Ann: OMG Marsha that was hilarious…You’re not serious are you?

Marsha: Just having some fun Ann.

volcanicvxn: Does he or did he ever have a pet? It must be lonely without something to greet you home, like a dog or a fish...I know it would be hard with him working so much. So what kind of pet could u see Harry with?
My first choice is a Bubble-Eyed Gold Fish, they are strange looking but VERY cute.
Secondly I would choose a pug, they may have smashed up faces but they are sooo adorable!

Mtb2: So, Harold likes biscuits, eh? Well, I can make them (with the help of the Pillsberry dough boy, of course)! I hope he has a taste for spicy/rich food, also. I have tasted Soul Food, and I LOVED IT! I bought a Soul Food cookbook from my friend and cooked some recipes with it (for parties, gatherings, etc.). It is good to try something new. By the way, I wonder what Harold’s favorite meal is? One, would you like to share this information with the board?

Toya: Lol, MTB2 that's not really my #, not even the right area code. Marsha I am laughing uncontrollably right now, you are sick. Oh my I can't breathe! ROFL

Samara: Harold's future wife could also be on this very site.

Marsha: I could be Harold's future wife. Or than again, maybe not. But I have dreamed of licking his toes. or not.

Ann: Keep it going Marsha baby...I'm going to have to post on some of your comments...That's just what I'm looking for.

Marsha: Thanks Ann!!! When I get my mind out of Harold's Gutter, which I have been into for a long time, than I will try to come up with something else you might see of value. Since I have not his toes to such on, for now I'm going to have to find my old photo's of Harold, the ones I regularly suck on and get back to sucking. Paper photos just don't have the same taste.
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Ann: The Harold Ford talk site is so busy these days…Here’s the link…You should check out some of the talk on him…It’s very interesting.

Bri4004: I also would like to add I believe the reason Harold is not married is because of Ms. Jennifer Baltimore. I am not blaming her for anything because I am sure if Harold wanted to marry today there are numerous women willing. But I believe that Ms. Baltimore releaved something to Mr. Ford about women. That something being that not everyone you fall in love with is going to dig politics. If I remember correctly Ms. Baltimore was a lawyer. As in the case of many aspiring politicians they want more power which only leads to a higher office. As in the case of Mr. Ford, he once to someday run for state Senator, taking Bill Frist's seat, and someday even president. In order for Mr. Ford to do this he would need a women to sacrifice her privacy, time and maybe even her job to run a campaign ( Look at Ms. Bush and Hillary they both had careers until their husbands started running for public office). Ms. Baltimore on the other hand did not strike me as this type of women. I don't know her personally , but she just did not give me the impress that she was, at the time, will to give up what she had worked so hard to achieve. Maybe he was expecting to much from a women who had herself accomplished so much in a short period of time. In short, maybe it is best that Harold is alllllllllll by himself. Or is he?

Jayla: Info on how Congressman Ford spent his birthday.
He looks unhappy in that yahoo video clip, kinda discontent. Maybe the partying is getting to him.
Did anybody else notice it?

Mtb2: Go to:
Click the video link on the right, as provided by the Washington Post/Yahoo news.
A pop-up window should show up, and the video should start playing after it configures your media system installed on your computer.
Now, go to Enter "Harold Ford" in the search box. Three pictures should show up...he's at the Velvet Revolver After Show Party Hosted By Clive Davis in New York City, New York LATER THAT NIGHT. Coincidence, anyone?
New Photos ---
Congressman honoring constituents:
Black and White Photo of Congressman at a Tennessee national park (very suave):
Congressman at 2000 Convention:
News Talk


Marsha: Oh Romeo Harold Ford. Oh Romeo Harold Ford. Where for out thy Romeo Harold Ford? Deny thy job and refuse thy house government, or if thoust will not, be but sworn my love in a court of law, and I shall no longer be single. Oh Romeo Harold Ford! Oh Romeo.

Ann: Dear God Marsha...What have you been drinking?...I want some... Is it Harold Ford happy juice or something?...Can I have some? Send me some to Nashville.

Marsha: No Ann, I'm just looking at this really nice picture I found of Harold on this website. Take a look he looks like a breath of fresh air and he is intoxicating. TAKE MY BREATH AWAY.

Ann: That is a nice picture...I'll post that...Thanks Marsha, you're a good Ford lov'in fan...All the Ford fans are really nice...I hope yah stick around and chew the male fat with us.



May 11th

Jayla: So, what is the latest news on HFJr? Is he married yet? Does he have plans to get married??

Sindhu: Harold, stay a bachelor, boy! Don’t go off the market just yet.

Marsha: I don't know Jayla, but I wish someone would tell me cause I was hoping I could marry him.

Mtb2: Marsha, you don't see a you? I hope he is not (*fill in blank here*)!

Marsha: So should I email him and ask him to marry me? Nah, he would have me arrested or something.

Mtb2: LOL!...I absolutely dare you to....I bet he gets those comments all of the time ;)
Ann, since you met the beloved Ford, please tell us what he smelled like (Sorry, I have a fetish for smelling male cologne)!

Ann: Gee...he smelled OK to me...I really didn't get up close or personal...I just thought he was nice to talk to me...I was lucky security didn't kick me out...I was back stage at a John Kerry/Harold Ford speech...I thought Harold was really nice and easy to talk to. And I'm sorry I just don't remember smelling him....Next time I see him I will sniff hard.

Toya: Hello everyone I'm so darn excited I found this website. Oh goodie! I thought I was the only one crazy about Harold Ford Jr. I see I'm not alone. If any of you know of somewhere he has to speak or something please tell I'd really like to know. I'll be active in this message board. Hey Ladies Harold's birthday is coming up soon May 11. I think he'll be 35. He doesn't look a day over 25. How sexy! Who lives in Memphis or Washington? Oh yeah Ann the next time you get that close to Harold get a good sniff. I'm like mtb2 I have a fetish for men's cologne too.

Marsha: Thanks Toya….I'm seriously crushing on the man too. Too bad I live in Georgia. Ann if I lived in Tennessee I would following him around like a love sick Kitten. Is that what you do? If he ever comes to Georgia let me know. I want to be there. Ann are you going to put his birthday up on Talk of Men?

Ann: Consider it done!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONGRESSMAN FORD…We are blowing internet kiss at ya.

Toya: Ann he was born in 1970 so he'll be 34.

Ann: Well Toya...Thanks for the report. It's nice to know his birth date.

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